Collectors Alert

A new vinyl re-issue of the GANDALF LP has recently been released. There is no identification of who manufactured it, however, there is a sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap that says:

Courtesy Capitol Records
Under license from
EMI-Capitol Special Markets

The cover is identical as far as I can see, except for a slightly darker color than mine (could be aging) and the absence of the small "Printed in USA" emblem in the lower left hand corner of the back cover. The label is the original rainbow colors, but the text is not exactly the same in alignment and size.Note that "PRODUCED BY KOPPELMAN-RUBIN" has been added below the title. This is an excellent reproduction and could pass as an original to an unsuspecting buyer. The original LP has sold for upwards of $200. This re-issue has recently sold for $20. See photos below.

Original 1969 Label 2000 Reissue Label
"Printed in USA" emblem on back cover of original