Wenke & Peter, 1969
Bob Muller / Bryan Post/
Peter Sando / Paul Venturini
Feedback the old fashioned way!
at "The Hearth"- Monsey N.Y.

Peter Sando / Bruce Stewart / Bob Jenkins
Bruce & Peter "pitchin' "
in Nashville, 1981
Mike Rosa "cookin'" in the Club Car's kitchen
Peter Sando / Mike Rosa /Bob Muller / Frank Hubach
At "The Club Car",  Greenwood Lake, N.Y.
Bob Muller with '46 Ford and '57 Plymouth ragtop in Tenafly, NJ
The luxurious Club Car
(It looked a lot better at night!)
Early Rahgoos at the Club Car
Bob Muller, Peter Sando
Joey Rinaldi, & Paul Venturini
Peter & Bob
Bryan "Stick" Post

Peter receiving gift of love beads from
gay rights advocate, Vito Russo, FDU, 1967

The Hearth - Photo courtesy of Lawrence Hoffman

At "The Phone Booth"

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