Latest 2019: Coming soon- GANDALF 3. Two NEW albums of Peter's previously unreleased tracks from 1971-2001 see below! ¥ Latest solo CD: "Let There Be Love" 12 new original songs.

Peter Sando


Two NEW albums of Peter's previously unreleased tracks from 1971-2001
Digital streaming and downloads only for now

Now Available on
iTunes, Spotify, etc.
Now Available on
iTunes, Spotify, etc.


"Misty Roses On A Stone (A Tribute to Tim Hardin)"
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featuring "Sally Hemings"
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featuring "John Brown"
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GANDALF 2 (vinyl)

"Wednesday at 3" FDU 1967 (?) with C.J. Allen and Sue

Upon the 150th Anniversary of the hanging of John Brown

John Brown" (Sando) as performed by Jack McMahon

The 9/11 of 1859

FreedomÕs Martyr

Peter performs at the Highline Ballroom, NYC

Appearance at
The Bowery Poetry Club in NYC,

Rare appearance at Cafe Cafe,
a Gandalf re-union with the legendary
Frank Hubach

Where's Peter? Click image for key.

In Memorium

Dave Bauer


We have received sad news of the passing of Dave Bauer in 2007 at the age of 57. Dave replaced Bryan Post in the Rahgoos when Bryan was put on active duty in the Navy during the Viet Nam war. Bryan was about as good a drummer that a Rock and Roll band could have and we never thought we could replace him. Davy was a Jazz musician, and a good one. His influences were diverse, from Buddy Rich to Mitch Mitchell and studying under Bernard "Pretty" Purdy. After hurried rehearsal with Bryan as his mentor, Dave came through with flying clors. Dave's drumming on the Gandalf LP is a prime example of 60's creativity, and deserves the critical acclaim that it has achieved. After Gandalf, Dave went on to play with Albert King (appearing at the Filmore East) and various New York groups. He will be missed by all friends of GANDALF.


Alan Gordon


I am deeply saddened by the passing of Alan Gordon, and I treasure the many special memories. From the Night Owl Cafe to the uptown studios, I was privileged to cross musical paths with the man. Working with Alan was so much fun, his imagination constantly flowing, bursting with new melodies and ideas. There was never a feeling of pressure, as he always evoked a steady stream of his own brand of hilarity that kept everyone in his presence laughing 'til we cried. He was blessed with an awesome creative energy that filled the room. I can see him now, when he and Garry would present a new song- slapping, clapping and tapping his feet in rhythm, singing the hooky harmonies and horn parts that would eventually endow a hit record. It was amazing. I'll always be grateful for his friendship, inspiration, and encouragement. There are so many songs of love and laughter that he leaves us with, but at this moment I recall the more obscure and reflective ones; Amazing Air, The Cat in The Window, Whatever Happened To Happy? Alan, I'm still singing along! Peter Sando- November 30, 2008

Click here to listen! "NO EARTH CAN BE WON"
written by Peter Sando Malibu, CA - 1969,
recorded at 914 Studios in 1971 and released in 2007
on Gandalf 2
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"'s Dan Rather with the play by play of all the day's death and destruction" (from NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS, Peter Sando, ©1998) "...not only shock and awe, but yes, death and destruction" (Dan Rather, March 20, 2003)

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